Our mission is to provide the best support to our partners in the form of installation services, but also in high quality installation materials. Acordingly, we are specialized in providing all kind of services in the filed of electrical, water and other installations.

Elektroinstalacije u stambenim objektima

Electrical installations of residential buildings

Elektroinstalacije u poslovnim objektima

Electrical installation in business buildings

Projektiranje i izgradnja transformatorskih stanica

Design and construction of transformer stations

Projektiranje i izgradnja vatrodojavnih sustava nova

Design and construction of fire alarm systems

Projektiranje i izgradnja sustava video nadzora

Design and construction of video surveillance system

Projektiranje i izgradnja racunalnih mreza

Design and construction of computer networks

Projektiranje i izgradnja telefonskih mreza

Design and construction of telephone networks

Projektiranje i izgradnja protuprovalnih sustava

Design and construction of anti-burglary systems

Automatizacija objekata

Automation of objects

Pametne instalacije

Smart installations

Projektiranje i izvodenje vodovodnih instalacija

Design and execution of water supply installations

Projektiranje i izvodenje sustava grijanja

Design and execution of heating systems

Projektiranje i izvodenje klimatizacijskih sustava nova

Design and implementation of air conditioning systems

Projektiranje i izvodenje klimatizacijskih sustava

Design and implementation of ventilation systems

Projektiranje i izvodenje rashladnih sustava

Design and execution of refrigeration systems


In our portfolio we have a lots of successfully finished projects that we are truly proud of. Ours references include high-demand corporate buildings, office buildings and a lots of home buildings. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, we can proudly say that the final results were always a satisfied client – and that is what motivates our team.