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The Company “Install Team d.o.o. Ljubuški” was established in 2017. by merging two independent trades – Elektro Somi (Čitluk) and Agva & Term (Ljubuški). The main goal of our company is to provide a better access to the market and to provide our customers with high quality services.

Due to the fact that “Elektro Somi” is specialized in performing all types of electrical installations and “Aqva & Term” for all types of water and mechanical installations, our company can offer services based on “Turnkey” principle for all types of installations.


Our mission is not only to provide the best support to our partners in the form of installation services, but also in high quality installation materials. Accordingly, we are specialized in providing all kind of services in the filed of electrical, water and other installations.


In our portfolio we have a lots of successfully finished projects that we are truly proud of. Ours references include high-demand corporate buildings, office buildings and a lots of home buildings. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, we can proudly say that the final results were always a satisfied client – and that is what motivates our team.

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